P2P Microversity is a developer of educational tools for providing information and knowledge to those who need it. Schools, businesses, groups, and all manner of organizations who require an online education or training center can benefit from P2P Microversity Online School Development programs.

Over the last ten years, the team that brought you the P2P Microversity Platform has been active in building successful niche market schools. Taking that knowledge and skill, they are now applying it to develop online schools that function much as a University does, yet can be started as simply as a website or social network.

In 2011, The P2P Microversity team has developed a full online educational experience, with the ability to take your content and materials and create a interactive and social online school and training center.

The P2P Microverstiy platform is based on the proprietary software which has run WitchSchool.com since 2001. This site has registered over 230,000 students, features over 120 online courses, and has continued to expand its base on a yearly basis, attaining a very high Alexa.com traffic ranking, and emerging as the leading site in their niche.