The P2P Microversity Platform was initially developed a decade ago, and there have been constant expansions and improvements in it over the years. Many areas of functionality are already included in the programming, and others are in development. Below are lists of features, both currently implemented and still being worked into the system.

Completed and implemented:

  • several access levels for teacher/writers
  • error tracking
  • multi level mentor management
  • multi level teacher management
  • automated testing
  • live class editing
  • live webpage editing
  • custom page creation
  • drag and drop menu editing
  • multiple concurrent running ad campaigns
  • library
  • glossary - with audio and video capabilities
  • faq - with audio and video capabilities
  • transcript generation
  • built in file uploading script
  • store management
  • payment system management
  • deactivation of announcements and ads after a specified date
  • 2 announcement systems
  • event calendar system
  • expel student
  • block emails address or similar emails address to prevent spam

Done but not implemented:
  • create new staff access levels
  • specific time frame classes - Fall, Spring etc.
  • schedule classes in advance
  • class participation tracking
  • class overview for teachers
  • view past class info
  • administrator emails under specified conditions (new student, student withdraw, are the two done - need more)
  • editable css
  • dragable ad campaigns
  • multiple concurrent ad campaigns
  • feature request
  • classroom discussions
  • credits for classes like in college

In current development:
  • 3 new testing modules. time test, variable question test, essay question
  • printable transcripts that look like certificates
  • change between 2 to 5 menu boxes for organization
  • general education/community education system
  • targeted global email system

Do you have specific needs for your school? We'd be happy to discuss custom programming to make your site do everything that you want it to!