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The makers of the Microversity Platform for Social Education believe that we are and should be students for life. In order to adapt and contribute to an ever-changing world, education needs to be seen as a life-long process. The more knowledge you possess, the more capable you are to create solutions to solve problems and overcome obstacles. This software is being brought forward after a decade of experience working with this belief.

The Internet is increasingly accessible as an effective platform for these goals, and is making life-long education possible and affordable.

Microversity is a server-based software that allows you to offer versatile university-quality online educational services. With a few hours of initial set-up time, provided with quick and user-friendly administrative controls, schools of any size can form. It is designed so that administrators can manage a large numbers of members easily, with software that can be scaled from a small group of a few dozen students to a large school serving hundreds of thousands of students.

Each Microversity School site can be completely unique with its own database, or utilize shared databases to offer even greater learning opportunities.

Our platform is a cloud model designed for self-motivated learners. Microversity Software is designed to create mentors and experts that help bridge student and teacher online. It balances your educational efforts with an emphasis on 24/7 peer-to-peer learning, so that an expert educator's time can be spent more effectively.

Schools receive income through memberships, subscriptions, and course fees. Programs can easily incorporate public and purchasable content, allowing revenue streams from books, eBooks, and other materials and products.

Schools have the option of purchasing the software and maintaining the site independently, or purchasing it as a service where Microversity handles the technology, leaving schools more time to focus on their educational offerings.

Microversity Software has proven to be:
          *Global in Range
          *Safe and Secure
          *Low Maintenance costs
          *University-like features including testing and

Reach out to the expanding home study market with your own curriculum on our safe, flexible, and highly affordable platform!


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